Alien Encounter Video- Zimbabwe, Africa 1994

When trying to discredit tales of alien encounters, those that feel there is no proof of alien life will often suggest that it is impossible to find people that haven't been exposed to pop culture images and tales of aliens and alien abduction. Therefore, in the theory of these non-believers, any accounts of alien encounters that use common descriptions of the aliens or their crafts should be discounted.

How then do these doubters account for this tale from Zimbabwe In September of 1994, 62 school children reported an alien encounter taking place in their school yard. Each one of those 62 children report exactly the same story with negligible deviation.

Bellow is an alien video from a tv show that followed a Harvard professor as he visited the school in Zimbabwe, a much different place in 1994 than it is today, to talk to each of the 62 school children that experience the alien encounter.

As the alien video points out, these children lived in an area of the world that had very little media contact from the outside world. What media the did get was very unlikely to cover anything to do with alien encounters.

Yet, when asked to draw a picture of what they saw in their alien encounter, each of the school children drew the same sort of alien with a large head and a big eyes and they all drew the same sort of UFO shape.

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