UFO Sighting - United Kingdom 2008

On June 20th, 2008 the British news reported that a police helicopter in Wales had nearly been hit by an unidentified flying object. The same media reports said that the police helicopter chased off the possible UFO.

The UFO sighting took place on June 8, 2008 and near a military base so even if they didn't think the UFO sighting was proof of alien life they can still be forgiven for thinking it needed to be removed from the area.

This is a video of a British news report covering the UFO sighting by the police helicopter.

Clearly from this video it can be seen that the official line from the British police is one that is clearly trying to make sure that the British public don't think that this UFO sighting is proof of alien life. In fact, the 'people in the street' interviews at the end are well placed to try to keep the British public relaxed over the idea that there was a possible near air collision between a British police helicopter and a UFO and over a military airspace on top of that.

Even though the British officials sat on the information about this UFO sighting for nearly two weeks what they didn't count on was they weren't the only people in the United Kingdom to have UFO sightings around the same period.

This UFO video featuring a possible UFO sighting was put up on You Tube on the 16th of June - a clear four days before any UK media reports of the Wales UFO sighting from the police helicopter. The person that took the UFO video footage recorded it over the South East area of England.

A few days later another video of a possible UFO sighting from the UK was published on You Tube. This time the UFO sighting was being reported from Liverpool, England.

So, is this proof of alien life making itself known in the United Kingdom? Despite the best efforts of the British officials to only come clear about one UFO sighting have the average people of the UK blown their cover?



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