UFO Sighting - Stephenville, Texas

When one person reports a UFO sighting it is easy for the media to paint them has UFO hunting or conspiracy theory lunatics. However, when it is a good chunk of a whole town reporting a possible UFO sighting then it suddenly becomes harder to just dismiss the UFO sightings so easily.

In January of 2008 over 20 witnesses came forward in Stephenville, Texas and reported seeing a mysterious light show in the sky. Not only were there so many people reporting the Stephenville lights and the possible UFO sighting but the people claming to have seen the UFOs were all upstanding citizens with no previous track records of reporting UFO sightings.

The Stephenville lights weren't the first time that possible UFO activity has been reported in Stephenville. UFO sightings has been reported in that part of Texas from as far back as the 1880's.

This latest period of of UFO activity really does seem to be particularly active though as after the initial UFO sightings reports of similar sightings in the Stephenville area continued until March.

With so many people having seen the possible Stephenville UFO activity it was impossible for the media not to take some notice. Of course the possible proof of alien life was treated as the 'oddity' item in most news broadcasts but it was difficult for even the big news stations such as CNN and Fox News to ignore the large number of witnesses to the possible UFO sightings and the credibility of those witnesses.

This is a nice compilation put together to see the different witness reports to the Stephenville lights sightings and how that various media outlets covered them. Not only do you get to see the consistency of the UFO sighting accounts but you can even see how the different news channels attempted to excuse away what happened with various claims of fighter jet activity and such things.

This is the second part of this video that continues to show the coverage of the Stephenville UFO sightings. A very well done video, I am sure you will agree.

And just one more video featuring a number of the witnesses to the Stephenville UFO sightings. These are a lot of the same witnesses to the possible proof of alien life that you see in the other clips but it is from a local Texas station and gives each of them a lot more time to talk freely about what they each saw. It is remarkable how consistent they are with each of their reports each time they give them.



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