UFO Sighting - O'Hare Airport 2006

On November 7, 2006 at about 4:30pm local time reports started to come in that a group of twelve employees at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago were seeing an unidentified flying object over gate C-17 of the airport.

The O'Hare Airport employees described the suspected UFO as being saucer shaped and metallic. At the time that the reported the UFO sighting at O'Hare they said that the possible UFO was hovering at the gate.

The first Chicago O'Hare airport employees to have seen the O'Hare UFO were the ramp employees working on a United Airlines flight. The O'Hare airport UFO sighting was reported and it is believed that both the pilot and the co-pilot of the United Airlines flight also reported the possible UFO sighting at O'Hare airport.

This is video footage of pictures from the O'Hare UFO sighting that were reported to be be taken by one of the airport employees. It is suggested it was one of the pilots that took the pictures.

Of course, when so many people have a possible UFO sighting and at such a buy airport such as Chicago O'Hare then it isn't going to be kept silent for long, no matter how much the government and the airline might wish it to be.

So, news of the O'Hare UFO sighting hit the media quickly. At first both United Airlines and the FFA denied that there had even been any reports of UFO sightings at O'Hare airport. However, after witnesses to the UFO sighting started to come forward and speak to the media they had to reverse and admit there had been reports of a possible UFO.

Here is a video of press coverage that includes a witness to the O'Hare UFO sighting - his identity hidden to protect his job - discussing what he saw.

Even the Chicago media covering the O'Hare UFO sighting were aware of the attempted cover ups of the UFO sighting.

This is a copy of a leaked video that shows an off air conversation between Chicago Tribune reporter, John Hilkevitch (the reporter that broke the UFO sighting story) and Chicago news anchor Jim Wagner. The two are discussing the massive world wide interest in the O'Hare Airport UFO sighting.

They talk freely about how they believe there to be a government cover up and it is done by blaming weather patterns and other common excuses often used by officials to excuse away possible proof of alien life.

It is up to you to decide what you believe the airport employees that reported the UFO sighting saw but they did see something.

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