Alien Encounter Video- Kelly Cahill

In August of 1993, the then 27 year old, Kelly Cahill was traveling in a car with her husband and her three children in the Belgrave area of Australia. This should have been an average car journey through the Dandenong foothills for Kelly Cahill and her family but it turned out to be about as far removed from normal as could ever be possible.

At some point beyond midnight the Kelly Cahill family were struck by the sight of a glowing and rounded craft that had windows where Kelly Cahill can recall seeing the shapes of bodies that she now believes were alien bodies.

As they continued on their car journey the craft returned and the lights on the possible UFO got brighter and brighter. Kelly Cahill then went limp in the car and eventually 'woke' back up and asked her husband if she had blacked out. He didn't answer and they continued home.

On the nights that followed her possible UFO sighting, Kelly Cahill began to suffer a number of odd illness, often gynecological in nature and have flashes of what she could only conclude was an alien abduction. These symptoms included the sudden appearance of a strange triangular shape around her navel.

Kelly Cahill finally started to speak to 'officials' about the possible UFO sighting and alien encounter and it was then that she discovered that she had not been the only person to have had the same experiences.

Other women had reported the same experiences on the same night and even drew the exact same type of space craft even though they had never met each other.

Here is a series of videos that are a fascinating interview with Kelly Cahill where she talks very much in depth with an interviewer about her alien abduction and her repeat alien encounters that have followed.

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