Alien Encounter Video- Alien Implant Story

This man claims that he was first abducted by aliens in 1957 as a child along with his brother. After that he has experienced what he says has been repeat alien abductions throughout his childhood and adult life. He also says that during one of his abductions there was an alien implant put into his leg.

In 1990 he says he had the alien implant removed and at that time he was abducted once again where he was allowed to meet the cross-bred alien offspring which he apparently had fathered.

This alien encounter video shows the man being interviewed about his claimed alien encounter and alien abductions. We all see apparently real footage of him being hypnotized and recounting his first alien abduction.

Then we see, through reenactment, what he claims happened on the rest of his alien encounters. His case and claims of alien abduction are also examined by mental health experts who explore other reasons for his harrowing claims of alien abduction and implantation.

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